I will note this in my book. How to install linux driver Thanks cariboo – tried it but no change. As I said ealier, 5 years is a long time. You shoud then get version 8. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Can you please give more advice? Thanks for saving me a shit load of time! You linuz also restore your BIOS default settings for testing purposes here.

The instructions provided with the driver are pretty straight forward. The driver is then properly loaded.

BTW, I suggest using 2. I was really busy the last days.

You can simply use the repositories to install the needed libraries. Now that you are in the right directory, we can start with the real compiling process. To solve this problem you have to use realtek 8111b linux official Realtek r driver instead of the r driver, which is included in the Linux Kernel. So, realtek 8111b linux everything was successful, you should see an realtei like this: As Im trying to install the r using command sudo apt install rdkms to the other kernel of liquorix version 4.

Easy Linux: Fixing the Realtek Drivers on Linux

Simply blacklisting it realtek 8111b linux not do the trick. I’ve copied the readme notes below, but I get lost on “unpack the tarball”. The r is loaded when the r is not 811b on your system. I then have to sudo ifdown eth0 and sudo ifup eth0 to get things working again for a short while before it all claggs up again.

Now I have to remove it from the wall and replace it.

No such file or directory. For me it works without changing realtek 8111b linux. You can download nightly builds for your Ubuntu from here: Here are all my steps, doing it a second time I did not run make again though, because the driver works realtek 8111b linux until I reboot, so the driver itself is good:. Either enclose you directory in quotes like this Code:.

Especially when it comes down to Realteak network cards.

[SOLVED] How to install linux driver

But now my HW adess is Any Linux Distribution which just include the driver, can be sued by Realtek. What should I do?

Do you may have a link for me? Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free.

Sorry for that late response! I was having some connection stability issues with the r driver in Mint 17 kernel 3.

No such file or directory tar: I would say something went wrong … realtek 8111b linux way for you would be to do the whole HowTo again. A console output would help llnux, if something went wrong on your side. To realtek 8111b linux that the r is loaded, we blacklist it. I struggled installing the package again as I got the following error: