The image disappears from both screens, internal and external? I have followed the guides and removed each component one at a time and tried an external display — still the same problem. Maybe the AC adapter went bad. I was trying to plug in a mouse and accidentally bumped the cable from the external monitor that was plugged into the laptop. I mean, can you see any other LEDs lighting up when you press on the power button? You said the screen displays horizontal lines on the bottom part. Does this sound like a power surge followed by something on the board frying?

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No screen activity at all or cpu, fan. Try reinstalling the OS from scratch. Computers that are working and say power is connected hp g60-230us xp a dc jack problem. Again, bare bones is known good memory, mboard and power button board.

Did it flash before the laptop failed? I replaced both the battery and the power supply.

hp g60-230us xp I think I have the cited MoBo problem, and need h help. I did open it up from the access panel and found the CPU fan had lost a screw. CPU failures are not common. If the laptop is completely dead and there are no LED lights, it looks like the motherboard is not getting any power at all. Can you test the AC adapter and find out hp g60-230us xp the voltage output is correct?

Where is the ring lug supposed to go? I have the same problem as hp g60-230us xp. If i stick the power cable in the battery led does go on and after some charging it jumps from orange to yellow indicating the battery is charged. The battery is showing 0. The Northbridge separates from the board. I have a HP Pavilion F and it does not x; on at all. Other laptops may use different key combinations.

Your description sounds like a problem with the memory.

I always recommend buying an original replacement adapter from the manufacturer, not a generic one. I had acer aspire laptop which stopped suddenly giving black and white lines blinking on the LCD screen; i pushed the poweron button to turn it off.

I have a Thinkpad T Hp g60-230us xp adapter is working fine, i checked on another computer. If you still cannot get image on the internal or external screens, most likely you have a problem with the motherboard. HOURS later it would turn on with very very little charge, figured out it took about 4 days to charge hp g60-230us xp a mostly full battery. AKS, When u say your compaq laptop works fine for a few days and suddenly dies do u mean it doesnt startup or crashes all of a hp g60-230us xp

Laptop is dead. How to troubleshoot.

When you plug in the AC adapter and press on the power button, there are no signs of life at all. Set your multimeter to make noise when the circuit is closed. Seems to hp g60-230us xp with the pressure of my wrists on front of the laptop. Will it turn on when you push hp g60-230us xp the power button? Removed battery and checked with Multi-meter and found power going zp battery.

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It could also be the onboard graphics card. G60–230us also took it apart and tested h60-230us system but still no power. He felt it was a hard drive problem. My model is Acer Aspire I suspect it is hp g60-230us xp charging the battery or what ever switches from ac to battery is not working.

The hard drive noise, DVD drive light, etc.? I can hear my hard drive running hp g60-230us xp so prolly not that.

Does your hp g60-230us xp start without hard drive installed? Wherever you see there is food crumps or dirt or you might suspect there is a short in the circuit clean it with Isopropyl alcohol and a tooth brush. Most likely you can find the fuse somewhere close to the DC jack. I have tried starting it without the bezel on there and still will hpp work. I have tested the hard drive on another machine and works fine, the laptop also detects the harddrive aswell.

Hi… Not sure if you can help. Hp g60-230us xp problem was as described above in the example 2. Basically im a PC tech but know little about laptop repairs.

The motherboard has been removed from the base and I assembled a basic barebone system on my bench. Any help would be appreciated…. How can I fix it….

If you found corrosion on the motherboard, g60-230uus the motherboard died. Only thing not checked out hp g60-230us xp is the Processor, going to check that out. I have a Toshiba Satellite AS, when turn on only power light comes on and the fan starts other than that nothing. I know this is the problem because if I figit with it it will eventually get the computer hp g60-230us xp work.