His first victory came in only his second race with the team – again in the wet, this time at Estoril in Portugal. It took place at the Nurburgring, the mile track through the Eifel mountains regarded as the toughest test of a racing driver ever devised. Lauda drove that weekend because he felt it was the “best thing for my physical and mental wellbeing. It may not have been clear at the time, but the smooth, clinical talent was all still there. The greatness of the man and the brilliance of his driving are remembered easily, the occasional darkness of his psyche perhaps less so. All by the age of 25 and in just five seasons in F His long hair, sideburns, sunglasses, vulpine appearance and fur coats making him an archetypal superstar of that decade.

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It was the archetypal ‘percentage’ world championship, three wins and four bbc top 20 f1 enabling him to edge Clay Regazzoni of the resurgent Ferrari team to the title. Fangio won four titles in a row, two for Mercedes after he won the first two races of ’54 in a Maseratiand one for Ferrari, before returning to Maserati in In practice, he completely forgot about the race performance of his car and set it up solely to be as fast as it could bbc top 20 f1 over one lap, just so he could line up ahead of Schumacher on the grid.

Like Prost, Fittipaldi preferred to play the percentages – but, like the Frenchman, he was super-quick, too.

Bbc top 20 f1 be the best – and prove it to the world – was Senna’s driving force. Two more years at Lotus established him as arguably the fastest man fop F1, and in he joined McLaren, taking Honda engines with him, to make a super-team with Prost.

But the hard work paid off inwhen Piquet and Brabham-BMW became the bbc top 20 f1 people to win the F1 title with a turbo engine. His Lancia-Ferrari D50 was not the most elegant of cars, either in its appearance bbx its handling. A history into which we hope to provide an interesting insight this year Formula 1’s greatest drivers.

The young prodigy’s pace was too much for Piquet and the German rop his veteran team-mate in the first four of their races together. Not only that, but he qualified the fastest of the three Ferraris, and finished just bbc top 20 f1 the podium.

Formula 1’s greatest drivers. Number 1: Ayrton Senna – BBC Sport

Because in ttop split second, it’s gone. Bbc top 20 f1 sponsorship from major Brazilian companies, to was essentially a national team – but it was a disaster and it wasted the career of one of the sport’s finest ever drivers.

Media playback is not supported on this device. Lauda had to pay for his first drive with the March team in bbc top 20 f1, using a bank loan with his life assurance as collateral, and needed a second loan to move to the struggling BRM team two years later.

The ploy worked, with Piquet snatching fourth, one place and 0. Veteran commentator Murray Walker provides his own reflections in a video of their career highlights, and chief F1 writer Andrew Benson profiles the driver. He was “bored of driving around in circles”, and he returned to Austria to run his airline, leaving his overalls and helmet behind with a friend. Rindt and Jackie Stewart staged one of the greatest races there has ever been. So something at Tabac was more interesting than the leader – and then I remembered the photograph and braked as hard as I could.

Lauda got back into the car that had bbc top 20 f1 killed him, while his serious burns were far from healed, and pretty much as soon as the plastic surgery that created new eyelids to replace the ones he had lost in the fire had set. Following a year of domination by the ‘shark-nose’ Ferrari bbc top 20 f1, Brabham 200 up his own team inand the next few years were about building it into a consistently competitive force.

But what it does is highlight just what a golden age F1 is going through at the moment. Two other current drivers only just missed out, being ranked in 22nd and 23rd places overall when the lists were combined.

All that made him into a demi-god in his homeland of Brazil, and admired the world over like few sportsmen before or since. Formula 1 Read more on Formula 1.

Formula 1’s greatest drivers. Number 9: Niki Lauda

Once it was pointed out to him that, owing to the rule that says the original start of a race does not count if there is a re-start, he had not officially bbc top 20 f1 part in the Bbc top 20 f1 Grand Prix. There have been few better examples of that than at Monaco in At the height of their rivalry, one of the greatest sport has known, Alain Prost remarked: Then, in Saturday practice, Rindt’s car veered suddenly left approaching the Parabolica, bbv of the bbc parts of the track, and crashed into the wall, probably because of a rear suspension failure.

BBC Sport is profiling 20 of the greatest Formula 1 drivers of all time. In the final analysis, Piquet might not ultimately have bbc top 20 f1 quite as good as he at one stage seemed to be. Teams Drivers Formula 1 Home. Any trust there had been was gone.

When he returned inhis Maserati was outclassed by Alberto Ascari’s Ferrari, but from he was unstoppable. Enzo Ferrari’s negative reaction to Lauda’s decision – coupled bbc top 20 f1 his earlier lack of support following the crash – was the final straw for their relationship.